WMLA 2017

The Women’s March Los Angeles 2017 was a historic event, bringing together 750,000 in downtown Los Angeles in the early hours of the morning. We were unified in a peaceful, positive, meaningful way, standing up for the rights of all Americans. We thank everyone who joined us, supported this effort, and marched with us- stay tuned for more information regarding upcoming events!


Women’s March 2017 Lead Organizers

Emiliana Guereca

Emiliana is an entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, CA, with a passion for giving back to the community. Along with being an award winning event producer, Emi devotes much of her time to advocacy programs for women’s rights, Latino education, and gender equality. As a stellar community organizer, Emiliana brings her 10+ plus years of event experience to Women’s March LA. LGBT initiatives, youth mentorship programs, and gender equality movements are all causes close to her heart and are a priority in both her personal and professional lives. In 2016, Emiliana founded the Women’s March LA Foundation, a non-profit organization, and is the driving force behind the official Women’s March in Los Angeles.

Deena Katz

Deena Katz is the multi Emmy nominated Co- Executive Producer of “Dancing with the Stars,” TV’s #1 most viewed unscripted show.  Deena also currently produces several other shows including “Real Time with Bill Maher” and “Whose Line Is It Anyway”.  Deena has worked as a Producer on dozens of high profile television series and specials with high profile talent from all genres, ranging from the Academy Awards, the Emmy Awards and the Presidential Inauguration.  She has also produced series on the WB, ABC, NBC, HBO, Bravo, CW, Lifetime and CBS, just to name a few.

Dove Rose

Dove Rose is a wholistic life coach and healer, as well as a passionate humanitarian, Dove specializes in helping others achieve health and wellness, and deal with trauma and grief through an integration of mind, body and spirit. Dove’s life philosophy extends beyond her career and includes far-reaching community involvement. By instilling a deeper awareness and by empowering people’s capacity for healing – of ourselves, of our society and of our planet – Dove wishes to promote compassion, sustainability, and ultimately, a more mindful, peaceful living. These core values underlie Dove’s valuable contribution to Women’s March LA, where she relentlessly champions human rights, inclusivity, patience and love. Her approach is simply, be the change you wish to see in this world.

Tracy Samson

Tracy is a Los Angeles Realtor who was raised in the Midwest, but has called California home for over 20 years. As mom and a marathon runner, with a passion for obstacle courses races, she believes that pursuing anything worthwhile involves hard work and dedication. Her active lifestyle gives her an energy and vitality that wins people over and gives her the endurance and mindset to see things through to the end. She also applies this winning attitude to her many philanthropic endeavors.

Tracy is a proud member of The New Hollywood, which is a Women’s Goal Group that is dedicated to supporting socially conscious storytellers and change-makers. The intention of the group is to inspire everyone to “Rise Higher, Shine Brighter and Give Back!”

Women’s March 2017 Coordinators

Soraya Deen

Ellen Crafts

Cherry Hepburn

John Erickson

Alison Regan

Tracy Samson

Hanieh Jodat

Dove Rose

Aly Nagel

Cristina Pacheco

Gina Belafonte

Yosi Sargent

Randi Geffner

Leda Ramos

Wendy Silvers

Liz Love

Irene Aitkens

Karen Alvarado

Alex Mireles

Louise Capone

To see the List of Speakers from the Women’s March Los Angeles, visit the Speakers page!