TIMELINE January 19, 2019:

Pershing Square (5th & Hill – 532 S. Olive Street) 

8:30 am    Tongva Nation Blessing

9:00 am    Program begins

10:00 am  March to City Hall

City Hall (200 N. Spring St)

11:00 am  Program begins at City Hall

2:00 pm    Program ends

Who is WMLA Foundation?  Women’s March Los Angeles Foundation is a women-led non-profit 501(c)(3) organization created in 2016 by the producers of the historic Women’s March LA. Our mission is to bring attention to the struggles of marginalized communities and all attacks on human rights. At Women’s March LA Foundation we recognize that there is no true peace, freedom or inclusion without equity for all, and through education, canvassing, social media, and events, we activate our collective political power to bring about lasting social change.

Is this a protest?  This is a Pro Peace, Pro Inclusivity Event focused on marginalized voices and the power of voting.  Part of our resistance is focusing on how we will use our vote to create the future we want. We respectfully ask that “anti” sentiments are not the focus of this event. This does not mean that we don’t acknowledge the need or desire to feel anger and to protest. However, this is not the focus of this event. Thank you for your understanding.

Is this March only for women?  Of course not.  All genders, identifications, orientations are welcome.  At our core we stand for diversity and inclusion.


Are tickets required?  Tickets are not required for this event and there is NO COST. You do not need to bring tickets with you, nor is there a specific entrance to the March.

How do I get there?  All forms of transportation are posted on the “Transportation” tab or at We recommend public transportation. Many people say that their March actually starts in the Metro stations as they fill with participants who share the power and community of the March even before they arrive!

For more info about taking Metro to the March, please check out the following video

What Should I Wear?  Come prepared with comfortable walking shoes and clothes, and don’t forget sunscreen!  Wear your Women’s March LA shirt with PRIDE!  Commemorative March merchandise will be available for purchase at the start and end of the march.

What Should I Bring?  ID, fully-charged mobile phone, a water bottle, and medications you may need in clearly-labeled prescription containers. Let a family member or friend know where you will be.


Can I Bring a Sign and What are the City Guidelines for Making Signs?  Yes! We encourage appropriate signs and we can’t wait to see what you come up with.  LA City has some restrictions on signage.  Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 55.07 requires a sign’s stick to be one-fourth inch or less in thickness and two inches or less in width, or if not rectangular, not more than three-quarters inch in its thickest dimension. Keep the stick to the appropriate dimensions and make the sign big. 

How many people are expected to attend?  We are expecting hundreds of thousands of attendees.  As an open and free event, calculating attendance is challenging.

Who is speaking?  Please see the “Speakers” tab.

What about food?  There will be food and drink vendors, and downtown businesses are open as well.  We also recommend to bring snacks, and definitely remember your water bottle.

Will there be security at the march?  There will be layers of security at the march, including Peace Ambassadors, paid security, LAPD and Sheriff’s Department.

What happens if my child(ren)/family members get separated?  Lost children and their families should immediately tell a Women’s March LA Peace Ambassador. Parents are encouraged to write their phone numbers on their child’s arm for quick access by security/organizers in the event he or she gets lost.

Will translation be offered?  There will be sign language interpreters on stage for those who read American Sign Language.  For additional questions email us at

Where do I find the voter registration and community partner booths?  Community partner booths will be placed toward the end of the march route (on Hill and on Broadway), please stop by and say hello to the fantastic organizations that make our city a better place to live.

Can I purchase a shirt on the day of the March?  Yes! Merchandise will be available at Pershing Square, and at City Hall. Merchandise sales are the main source of fundraising; this is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization, your dollars go directly towards helping put together events such as this.

Do you have accommodations for persons with disabilities?  The route, Pershing Square to City Hall is ADA-compliant however if you have challenges with mobility you may wish to go directly to City Hall.  There will be sign language interpreters on the stage for those who read American Sign Language. For additional questions email us at

Will my mobile phone work?  With large crowds sometimes you can experience slow or delayed service with some carriers. Choose a meeting destination for your group if you get separated and be sure to let a friend or family member or friend know what you are doing and where you will be.


How can I help?  We fund all of our activities through donations and merchandise sales – please consider making a donation to help us continue to do our work here: You can also register to volunteer by clicking here: Volunteer Opportunities.

Will there be sister marches?  Yes! There are numerous marches planned in California. Other California Marches are listed here:

Where can merchandise be purchased?  Please visit for official merchandise. There are other sites that are selling shirts, but please know that those retailers are NOT authorized, and we do not see any donations from those sales. Merchandise is the main source of funding the Women’s March LA so you are encouraged to purchase your official merchandise directly from this website.

How can I spread the word via social media?  Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @WmnsMarchLA. Use our hashtags: #TruthToPower, #wmla #MeetMeAtTheMarch

I have a question that is not answered anywhere on this website, who can I contact?  Email us at