Support the Detention Oversight Not Expansion (DONE) Act (H.R.5820 / S.2849) put forth by Senator Kamala Harris and Representative Pramila Jayapal

What the Bill Would Do

1) Increase oversight of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Detention Centers

2) Cuts the number of detention beds in half

3) Halt funds for construction of new facilities and expansion of existing facilities

Why We Need The Bill

Last 2 decades Federal Immigration system has undergone dramatic expansion which has led to a 400% increase in the detainment of non citizens with the increase in #s being mostly, children, women and pregnant women.

Abuse is rampant in these centers

Sexual Assault, forced labor, medical neglect and deaths occur. Bill builds upon the Dignity Not Detention Act that was passed in California last year (that is now under threat by AG Jeff Sessions)

Sexual Abuse

Between fiscal year 2012 and March 2018 Ice has received 1,448 Allegations of sexual abuse. Few have been investigated.

Medical Negligence

Along with other forms of medical neglect, Pregnant women receive insufficient medical attention resulting in dehydration and miscarriages.

Denied Access to Counsel

Detainees fail to secure representation due to language barriers, wait times in detention facilities, and distance between detention facilities and government provided aid.


There have been over 170 “reported” deaths in ICE custody since 2003 (which Im willing to bet is not accurate)

DONE Act Would:

1) Require US Department of Homeland Security to report to Congress a plan to decrease the number of detention beds by 50%

2) Restore and Expand Family Case Management Programs

3) Require DHS Office of Inspector General to conduct unannounced inspections of all immigration detention centers checking for health, safety and care of detainees and report back to Congress.

4) Require DHS Office of Civil Rights & Liberties conduct investigations and report to Congress.

5) Mandate facility contracts be terminated for receiving less than adequate ratings.


Senator Dianne Feinstein:

Your Representative in Congress:

And feel free to thank Senator Kamala Harris and Representative Jayapal for their efforts in bringing forth this bill.


The US Attorney for San Diego, Adam Braverman, is planning to begin the mass prosecution of migrants in San Diego on July 2, 2018. This program is inhumane, unjust, and violates migrants fundamental rights and will lead to the separation of families. Given human rights violations that will occur, we urge him to not give in to the hateful rhetoric coming from Jeff Sessions and stop the move towards mass prosecutions.  Contact: 619-557-5610 or 800-544-1106

Organizations to Support


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Immigrant Defense Project

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